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Join the Partners in Peacemaking 10/10 Program

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Reach And Teach is honored to work with many different non-profit organizations who are helping to create a more peaceful and sustainable world. To help support their missions Reach And Teach offers the 10/10 program which can be an excellent way to raise extra cash.

What Is the 10/10 Program?

Participating non-profit organizations can have a special page in the Reach And Teach store where they can sell products related to their mission. If the organization has products they already sell, Reach And Teach will maintain a small inventory of the product(s) and manage fulfillment of orders. We only take 10% of the purchase price to cover our labor and credit card processing fees. If during the same transaction the purchaser selects other products from the Reach And Teach store, we donate 10% of the purchase price of all other products to the non-profit organization.

What Are the Costs to the Non-profit Organization?

We charge a flat rate of $100 to set up your special page in our web store. After that there are no fees whatsoever. 

What Does the Non-profit Organization Have to Do?

We ask that you provide us with graphics for each of your items and a complete text description. You also tell us the price. We also ask that you let your donors and others with whom you communicate frequently about your store page. 

Does the Organization Have to Have Products to Sell?

No! An organization can browse through the Reach And Teach store and select items that would be of interest to that organization's supporters and we'll create a page with just those products. The organization will get 10% of anything sold.

Can Reach And Teach Accept Donations for Us?

Yes! You can add an option that allows customers to add extra cash to their purchase and that cash will be given to the organization along with any other 10/10 proceeds. Reach And Teach will pass along the donation information as well so that the organization can send a thank you letter / receipt (for IRS purposes).

What's In It for Reach And Teach?

Simple! When you tell your donors, supporters, and other constituents about the store page they get to learn about our store and all we have to offer. We need to reach out to people who have a passion for peace, social justice, and healing the planet. You help us do that!

What's In It for the Non-profit Organiztion?

Easy! Extra funding! You let your donors, supporters, and other constituents know about products that would be of interest to them and when they buy something your organization gets a portion of the proceeds. 

Many organizations have a few items that they sell, either through their web sites, from their offices, or at events. Most don't have efficient processes for taking orders or fulfillment. Since we're taking orders for products all the time and fulfilling those orders we can do it faster, easier, and more cost effectively. Everyone wins.

Can I See Some Examples?

Definitely! Here are some of our current 10/10 participants:

 Click here to see more of our Partners in Peacemaking.

How Do We Get Started?

Simply contact Reach And Teach and we'll get started. Please note that we reserve the right to refuse to build a store page for organizations - not everyone will qualify. 

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