CIVIO lesson plan links

This article contains a list of links to various lesson plans available on the web which we feel would work well with the cases and laws covered in CIVIO. We encourage you to let us know about other lesson plans you find on the web, and would especially appreciate you sharing your own lesson plans with us so that we can make them available to other teachers. Please contact us if you'd like to share a great lesson plan!

When you visit the links below, you might find it worthwhile to do a little extra hunting around. While we point to one particular lesson plan in some cases, you may find that the site on which that lesson plan is found contains many other resources that would prove useful for your class.

If you discover any links below that no longer work, please let us know and we'll update the page.

Thanks to Ruth C. for recently letting us know about a broken link! Click here to contact us if you find any broken links. Ruth C. also recommended the link below for learning about platforms through which teachers and other professionals can share lesson plans: