Got Some Time and A Room Full of People? The CIVIO Team is On the Way!

Maybe you teach social studies, civics, government, or AP. Perhaps you lead a community service organization, a non-profit, a congregation, or a foundation. Bring in our CIVIO team for a few hours and we'll have your students, volunteers, staff, donors, or audience engaged in lively conversations while having fun playing CIVIO.

Reach And Teach is proud to offer Bay Area organizations and schools the opportunity to have a CIVIO team come to you to create a terrific few hours of fun. Whether you are just beginning a study of civil rights or wrapping one up, trying to get your volunteers excited about the work your organization does, trying to get mind-share from donors, or just trying to get an audience excited about their role in our great democracy, our CIVIO team can help you make it happen.

Our team will bring in an excellent presentation that allows for in-depth discussion of civil rights, laws, Supreme Court cases, issues and constitutional amendments. No boring lectures here, instead we offer true engagement and the free-flow of ideas. Then, the play is the thing and we'll be playing CIVIO. It takes only a few minutes to explain the game and get groups of two to four people playing. As they play, the discussions get even more lively. In fact, the discussions and fun are hard to stop!

CIVIO Team leader Derrick Kikuchi at the ACLU National Conference Youth Gathering (photo courtesy of the ACLU)

Carol Drace of the San Carlos Charter Learning Center (grades 5/6) said "No one wanted to quit playing when our time was up. They were so immersed in playing the game that many of them even wanted to know if they could buy their own set of Civio cards after our session. The game also made them curious about a number of Supreme Court rulings that we hadn't even covered during our study of the Constitution."

The CIVIO team brings everything that's needed and at the end of the day, your school or organization ends up with a CIVIO Teacher's Pack. The pack includes five to ten games, a fully-scripted presentation, transparencies (and access to an electronic version of the presentation), certificates, score sheets, and is all packaged in a case designed to fit perfectly on your bookshelf.

For teachers this is a perfect opportunity to learn how to put on your own CIVIO lesson which you can use for years to come. Imagine getting inservice training right in your own classroom with your own students!

Special pricing is available for schools and non-profit organizations. Please contact the Reach And Teach CIVIO Team at 415-586-1713 to schedule a CIVIO session for your school or organization.