America's youth ready to abandon free speech?

"A new national study, the largest of its kind, says America's high schools are leaving the First Amendment behind."

- John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, 1/31/2005

How sure are you that your kids understand their constitutional rights and how the Supreme Court affects them? A recent report by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation reveals that kids are weak when it comes to knowledge about the constitution.

Check out these startling results from High-school student responses:

  • 73 percent said they didn't know how they felt about the First Amendment or took freedom of speech and the press for granted.
  • More than a third (35 percent) thought that the First Amendment goes too far in protecting rights.
  • One in six students indicated that people shouldn't be allowed to express unpopular opinions.
  • Only half said newspapers should be allowed to publish freely without government approval of stories.

Take action now. Engage your children, yourself, and your community in learning about our civil rights. Civio™, a fascinating strategy card game, shows how civil rights challenges become landmark Supreme Court decisions.

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