The Carpet Boy's Gift (Teaching About Child Labor)

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The power of children to make a huge difference in this world is superbly demonstrated in the story of Craig Kielburger. It Takes a Child is an inspirational and educational video about Craig Kielburger (the founder of Free The Children) and the work the organization does at the international level. It Takes A Child was a gold medal winner at the New York City Film Festival. It is an excellent educational resource for teachers & educators.

"Being 12 years old is no excuse for not doing something...."

Craig Kielburger was 12 years old when child labor activist Iqbal Massih was killed in Pakistan. He immediately went on a seven-week trip to South Asia. What he learned turned him into a passionate, articulate and effective advocate on behalf of child laborers everywhere. He is determined to put child labor on the international agenda. He is 15 years old in this film.

He started a child-run organization called Free the Children, which now has 10,000 members worldwide. It directs lobbying and petition efforts at governments and big business. F.I.F.A. now won't put its logo on any soccer balls that are made with child labor. Free the Children has raised over $150,000 to buy children out of bondage and create a school for them, while raising world awareness.

The video It Takes a Child is available at Reach and Teach

Craig Kielburger has won the Roosevelt Freedom Medal and the State of the World Forum Award, and has been named a Global Leader of Tomorrow at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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