Web Site Development

Yep, you caught us! Back in the day we won a lot of awards for our web and CD-ROM development so when we launched Reach And Teach we kept a little bit of that mojo in reserve. Over the years we've partnered with some incredible artists at Design Action, the Hayden Group, and others to help non-profit organizations working for peace and social justice with their web sites.

We took a great open-source Content Management System (CMS) called GeekLog, developed it into the Web Activist Kit, and built dozens of web sites with it. Today we still take a few web projects a year through our partnerships with Design Action and The Hayden Group. They are your first stop for a web makeover so get in touch with the folks at Design Action or the Hayden Group.

By the way, if you're a non-profit looking for additional ways to raise money, make sure to check out our Partners in Peacemaking 10/10 Program.


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A few examples of our sites

If you need a new web site or a bit of a web "face lift" click below to visit:


Partners in Peacemaking 10/10 Program and Shopping Carts

Reach And Teach also offers non-profit organizations a special program where they can sell products directly through our web store. If your organization has a few products to sell, but needs help with fulfillment and accounting, let us handle all that for you! Reach And Teach only charges 10% of your product's price (to cover the credit card transaction fees and labor/materials for order fulfillment) and we also give your organization 10% of the price of any other product someone buys during the same transaction through our store.

Click here to read more about the 10/10 program.

Some non-profits opt to have their own online stores. We can also help with that through our partnership with Turnkey Web Tools and their SunShop shopping cart system. We've had great experience running our own store with SunShop and would be happy to help an organization get started using that product. We are a reseller for SunShop and have certified one of our hosting partners as a great place to host an e-Commerce system.