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Girls Are Not Chicks Generating Buzz!

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"You've GOT to check out our coloring book!" Jacinta Bunnell told us way back when. As soon as we saw it, of course we agreed. Then, we realized that perhaps we should be publishing it through our partnership with PM Press and Independent Publishers Group (IPG). So, in June, we released Girls Are Not Chicks as our first book under the Reach And Teach imprint and the book has taken off! SKIRT Magazine LOVED it, dedicating an entire page for the review, and this week, we released the book in the UK and it just got a great review from the Guardian.

We're excited to be entering the publishing business, even though this is an incredibly difficult time to be doing so. We were very blessed to be hooked up with the brilliant folks at PM Press, who have taken us under their wings (no pun about chicks intended) to help us navigate these new waters.

Ramsey Kanaan and Craig O'Hara are the co-founders of PM Press, and they've got years of experience in the publishing business, most promintently through AK Press, their former gig. Ramsey actually started in publishing back when he was a kid, going door to door selling a "zine" he created. Ramsey and Craig, along with a team of other great folks, have keen eyes for what to publish in this 21st century of publishing biz mayhem. With names like Howard Zinn, Noam Chomsky, Derrick Jensen, Summer Brenner, Terry Bisson, E. Ethelbert Miller...... I could go on and on, AND worldwide marketing and distribution through IPG, it is no wonder that in less than two years PM Press has already become a major force in progressive media. We're incredibly lucky to be part of this great new venture.

Reach And Teach brings our experience at building interactive web-based environments to PM Press, which is especially important for publishing now that so much of the future is in "E" something or other. We don't talk about it very much these days, but we were out there creating e-Stuff before anyone even knew what the "E" meant..... and won quite a few rave reviews and awards for that work. Check out for one example of our E-Stuff. Then go check out for another.

Hey - here's something fun...... Can you recognize a very famous voice? One that has been heard by millions of people? Listen to the voice of the Go Wish game and if you can guess where you've heard that voice before you can win a free copy of Girls Are Not Chicks! The first ten people who tell us where they've heard that voice before will win. Click here to go to Go Wish and then click here to drop us a line to let us know where you've heard that voice before.

Keep an eye on PM Press and Reach And Teach in the coming months and years and we'll help usher in the next era of publishing, with combined digital, print, interactive, etc.....

Speaking of coming attractions........

Each publishing season (Spring and Fall), Reach And Teach will be bringing out a new title under our imprint (that's publishing speak for "our logo goes on the back of the book"). In Spring of 2010 look for our next title, Abe in Arms, a powerful novel about a teen struggling with flashbacks from his war-torn past in Africa, written by the award-winning author, Pegi Deitz Shea.

A senior in high school, Abe's got a Division I track scholarship awaiting him, a hot girlfriend, and a loving and wealthy adoptive family, including a brother his age. But suddenly, horrific flashbacks and seizures rip him back five years ago to war-torn Africa, where he lost his mother, his sister, his friends, and almost his own life to torturous violence. In therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Abe uncovers even darker moments that make him question why he's still alive.

This contemporary young adult novel portrays the pressures of teens to live a normal life, let alone succeed at high levels; while facing mental illness and--in Abe's case--a past that no one could possibly understand…or survive.

Pegi Deitz Shea has written a suspenseful, action-filled book that will open teens' eyes and hearts to the lives of young people exposed to violence around the world.


What's next in the Fall of 2010????? We'll soon be announcing that right here and it may be pretty musical....... So stay tuned.

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