Days of note 9/15 - 9/22

Next week's notable days of awareness, observation and celebration by Drew Durham, with a little help from my friends.

International Dot Day - September 15th

International Dot DayOur friend and book-loving blogger Patricia Tilton alerted us to this special day with her review of the book, The Dot. Patrcia says she loves this book because "Peter Reynolds has written and illustrated an inspirational book that encourages children of all ages to be brave and "make their mark." There is no right or wrong way. He wants kids of all ages to imagine, dream and create. And this week over 500,000 children in all 50 states and around the globe will be participating in International Dot Day, whether in their classrooms or at home."

Click here to read the full review. 

Click here to visit the International Dot Day web site to learn more about the day and to participate. All it takes to get started is one dab, or should I say, dot!


Pollution prevention week September 17-23rd    

We here at Reach and Teach believe sustainable living, and working for a sustainable life for all of life. All humans, animals and plants deserve the same right to generations of their offspring to have a sustainable livelihood. One of the major ways we can promote this is by working to prevent pollution wherever we can make a difference. We encourage all our family members and each of our friends (which includes you) to make a difference in with regard to the environment particularly with pollution control this week! Find out how to be the change in pollution control using the websites below!!!


Rosh Hashanah  is from sundown Sunday September  the 16th

through  Sundown Tuesday the 18th


Here at Reach and Teach we celebrate all people of all religions as well as  those of us who are spiritual but not religious, some of us who are culturally or socially religious or personally agnostic or entirely atheist. During this September there are the high holydays for Judaism.  We celebrate with them and promote cultural and religious respect and literacy of both the high holy days and of Judaism.


Monday the 17th is Constitution Day


We, the staff at Reach and Teach hold a strong commitment to individual "good" citizenship, good citizenship in the household, active citizenship in our communities and proactive citizenship in the nation as well as the world as a whole.  On this day we recognize those who have citizenship as well as those who live by the United State Constitution and the Universal declaration of human rights. We also recognize those who don't have citizenship and their role in good constitutional citizenship in our neighborhoods and our nation.


Tuesday the 18th is AIDS and Aging Day


Here at Reach and Teach we strive to understand the impact of AIDS on our neighborhoods, our nation and our world.  Here are a few resources to help spread understanding and love for those effected by the disease.


World Alzheimer's Day is Friday 21st


We, the staff at Reach and Teach have personal stories and relationships to people in the Alzheimer's and Dementia community.  We encourage you to learn about, spread understanding, and share love with those suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia.


International Day of Peace is Friday September 21st


Here at Reach and Teach we believe in peace between and within all people. Thusly this day is really quite important to us. Check out the links below to learn more about how to advocate for peace, as well as how to effectively create and maintain peace around you in your sphere of influence and our world!


Septemeber is Healthy Aging Month, Fruits and Veggies More Matters Month, National Happy Cats Month, and Hispanic Heritage Month

Healthy Aging Month

Here at Reach and Teach we are aware of the inevitabilities of life, and we are all aging (especially Drew), and we are trying to do so gracefully and as healthy as possible. We encourage our fans and friends to bring more attention to their well being this month!  

National Fruits & Veggies-More Matters Month!

Here at Reach and Teach we celebrate healthy living and healthy eating everyday. We encourage each of our friends (especailly you!) to use this month as a reminder to enjoy and feast on at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every single day (preferably more like 7 or 8 servings). We further encourage you to go to your local or closest farmers markets to get these fruits and veggies and more! Check out our foodie books!


15th of September - 15th of October= National Hispanic Heritage Month 

Huerta BookHispanic heritage month is a celebration of Latinos and Latinas from all Spanish speaking countries, as well as those who have immigrated and been in the United States for generations, who have changed the landscape of the United States (for the better, we might add). We encourage our loved ones and friends to learn about Hispanic Heritage, and Hispanic people in our midst and the crucial role Latinos and Latinas play in culture and society here in the United States, the country our Hispanic brothers and sisters now call home. Let us all celebrate our diversity on during this time and always!  


National Happy Cat Month

Cat LoversHere at Reach and Teach even though our mascot Toby is a dog, we love cats too. We have just come out with our traditional cat calendars once again! Take this month to show love to all your feline friends and family!

Click here to visit our calendar page where we just added Cat Lovers Against the Bomb, our best-selling calendar for four years in a row.

Thanks for checking out our weekly and monthly lists! If you've got a date or a special something that you know we should lift up in our upcoming lists, please click here to email Drew and let him know.