A Short Vacation

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Thank You and Time for A Short Break

It has been an amazing year and we are so grateful to everyone who helped make it so. Yes, we had plenty to protest and lament but we also did a lot to make the local community, the state, the country, and the world a little better.

We're ending the year with a fairly empty shop (thank you!!!) while knowing that the products folks have bought were ethically manufactured, good for the planet, good for the communities in which they were made, and in many cases make a direct and immediate difference in people's lives. 

Because of you children got scholarships, hungry people got desperately needed food, women who were rescued from human trafficking got to start life over again, trees were planted, refugees were assisted, immigrants got help becoming more integrated in their new communities, fire victims got clothing, food and shelter, hurricane survivors needing medical help were airlifted to safety, and the work of rebuilding war-torn and natural-disaster-wrecked communities goes on.

As we enter 2018 we know that we have a lot more work to do, and we also have to make sure that we take extra good care of each other, because through this last year we've been wounded, though our wounds may be less visible than others! So.... with that in mind.....

We're Taking A Short Break

Our shop will be closed January 2-11, except for Saturday January 6th when our friend Alan will open the store for a day, so that we can rest a bit and get ready for another exciting year. 

We look forward to seeing you in 2018 and wish you and all those you love a happy, healthy, and empowered new year. 

Green America approved