Book Drive for Women in Prison

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Book Drive for Women in Prison

Book DriveIn years past we have worked with our friend Sally Lieber, retired Assembly Member (who is currently running for State Senate in California) on book drives for women in prisons. We're doing it again, except this time a bit differently. In the past we asked people to donate any of their own used books. This time, the women have asked for very specific books, AND, they have a wonderful librarian who is committed to helping them get them. This is where you come in! The budget is very limited for the library so we've offered to rally our partners in peacemaking and ask them to help us buy some of the books for the library. The books range from $15 to $30. So, we've set up a page on our web site where you can buy as many books as you'd like and we'll donate them to the library on your behalf! Click here to visit that page. You can also stop by the store and help with this campaign. We're open Monday through Saturday except...... a brief vacation.....

A Brief Vacation

And.... now that we've got this campaign launched (please please please participate) we're going to take a few days off. Our friends Alan and Karina will be running the store on Saturday (please stop by and say hello to our A Team!!!). The store will be closed Monday and Tuesday April 15/16. We'll be back on Wednesday the 17th. 

Thank You!!!!

As we celebrate the beauty of Spring, we are as always grateful to you, our partners in peacemaking, for being part of doing good in the world. We and you are making a difference! 

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