LoveYou2 - Love Notes for World Peace!

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We often get asked to donate gift baskets and/or gift certificates to auctions for good causes and when we say yes, we sometimes find ourselves wondering if our donation really makes a difference and if our gift will have an impact on the person who ends up with it. One Saturday a while back we got a visit from a really lovely person and her equally lovely child and they had come to spend the gift certificate mom had won at an Our Family Coalition event.

They LOVED the store and we had a great conversation about why we started Reach And Teach, what we were trying to achieve in the world, and suddenly Shannon (that's Mom) said "I'd like to give your store a gift!" She showed me her amazing artwork and I had to say YES, PLEASE! The sign you see above (with Shannon and me) and below on our door is that gift and we LOVE it.

You have to read it correctly. Yes, WE ARE



Think about it. Ah, the lighbulb lit. Yes, we are.

Be open!

We are what? Well.... It all depends on which "we" we're talking about. If the "We" refers to Derrick and me, well.... Yes we are gay. Yes we are small business owners. Yes we are worried about some things. Yes we are in love. Yes we are curious about the world around us. Now if it were you and you had to finish the line "Yes we are......," how would you fill in the blank? Whoever and whatever we are, we hope that those with whom we meet will be open.

Being open is one way of spreading love and working towards peace. And, that's Shannon's mission, spreading love and peace one note, sign, symbol, hug, word at a time. She launched based on a very simple idea that has now become a passion for finding, documenting, installing and sharing love notes. It all started with a note to her kids and the rest.... well, you can visit her wonderful web site to learn more.  

Then, we're guessing you'll want to join her in changing the world one love note at a time. Visit our shop in San Mateo where we have little love note kits from Shannon that you can buy and start spreading your own love notes, including a love note to yourself!

Meanwhile, check out this beautiful video of Shannon and her kids out on the streets of San Francisco spreading the love! 


And... if you'd like to start spreading the love one note at a time, check out this notepad now available from Reach And Teach. 

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