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Room To Breathe: From Chaos to Peace in the Classroom

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Children MeditateWe have heard remarkable stories of classroom transformations from chaos to calmness over the years. A certain amount of chaos, at certain times of day, depending on the objective of the lesson at hand, can be important for learning. But, when a classroom is in chaos most of the time, you've got trouble. That's why we're very happy to share this program from our friends at the National Radio Project's Making Contact show.

Important note: Some people will look at certain schools and say "Those kids will never learn!" We know that to be WRONG! Children of all income brackets, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, sizes, shapes, colors, you name it can and will learn given the best possible conditions. That doesn't necessarily mean tons of money (though money for schools sure does help). It starts with believing in the children and giving the teachers the tools to succeed. Here's a tool that teachers across the country are starting to learn about, thanks to programs like this.

If you find the program valuable, please spread the word. And... consider making a donation! They're an amazing nonprofit that has done fantastic "citizen journalism" for many years and we'd love to see them do even more, with your help!


Ling Busch, guidance counselor at Marina Middle School; Megan Cowan, mindfulness teacher, students and teachers at Marina Middle School in San Francisco

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Reach And Teach Says: Kids Own Wisdom

We're now adding to the story that Making Contact posted on their web site (all the content above this) with a note of our own. We recently added a new product to our shop called Kids Own Wisdom. For early grades, we feel this is a great tool to help children learn to navigate the social roads they are beginning to travel in school, in more healthy and productive ways. 

Click here to check out Kids Own Wisdom. 


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