Announcing Our Retirement - Ten Years from Now

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Eclipse Day and New Lease!

Guessing that the subject line of our email might have gotten your attention, we wanted to let our friends around the Bay Area know that on the day of the eclipse we had a great viewing meetup at our shop AND signed an agreement with our landlord, extending our lease another ten years. Retirement? Yes. By the time that lease is done we plan to be retired (68 and 69 years young). But, between now and then, we're planning to be right here in San Mateo helping you make the world more peaceful, sustainable and inclusive. 

We signed that lease believing that you, our partners in peacemaking, want and need us to be here. Since the election we've heard from so many of you, how difficult things are these days, how frustrated, burned out, worried, outraged, tired, you are. That's one of the reasons we signed that lease, because we want to be an oasis of peace and hope and action. 

So, for our Fall newsletter, we want to mention some of the ways we and you can be working together to make a difference. Ready? 


"I Need My Mother! She's A Dreamer." That's the sign this boy is holding at an immigration rally in Redwood City on September 6th, the day after Attorney General Sessions announced an end to DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). 

Hundreds of people gathered, Dreamers told their stories, and local faith leaders pledged to stand by immigrants, even providing sanctuary from ICE should they come to deport our neighbors and friends. If you know of someone who needs sanctuary and don't know where to turn, come to us! We're connected with several local congregations and organizations that will do everything in their power to help, including rapid response teams that can be called on a moment's notice to show up where needed. 

In the shop we have great books about immigration, an Immigration Myths poster that clobbers those pesky "alternative facts" some talking heads like to spout, and plenty of buttons and bumper stickers to help you spark important conversations.

She Persisted

From Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls to Elizabeth Warren's newest book to Girls Who Code, we've got a ton of resources demonstrating the power of women past, present and future. 

And, we continue to offer products made by women's cooperatives around the world, including Guatemala, Mexico, Kenya, and Nepal. From worry dolls to beautiful scarves, we've got products you'll love to wear, use, and display and we'll make sure you can also tell the story behind each product, knowing that your purchase supports women and communities near and far while also empowering YOU! 


With An Inconvenient Sequel in the theaters people are feeling the need to reduce, reuse, and recycle, more important than ever. We've got what you need to do that! Stop using paper towels, stop throwing away food, stop spraying aerosols to clear the air, learn how to eat for just $4 a day and be healthier for it! You can do all that and more by visiting our shop. 

Check out the story we did for our booth at the San Mateo County Fair for more details on how you can.... wait for it.......... save $5,000 a year!

And... if you're inspired to do even more for sustainability, consider joining the Cool Cities team which meets in our shop once a month. 


Reach And Teach was thrilled to support the opening of San Mateo's Pride Center (yep, San Mateo has a Pride center) with a donation of books and in addition to a bunch of posters the center bought we donated a few more! The center is up and running with wonderful programs, support services, terrific staff and volunteers, and is a friendly comfortable place LTBTQQI folks of all ages can simply drop by for a little bit of quiet time or social time.

Craig Wiesner is also on the San Mateo County LGBTQ Commission and invites anyone who is LGBTQ, living or working in San Mateo, to make their voices heard by taking a survey about what life is like in this county. Click here to visit the survey page which has links for an adult and youth survey in English and Spanish. 

Craig also recently wrote an op-ed for the San Mateo Daily Journal on gay life in San Mateo and spoke at a County Board of Supervisors meeting where the board unanimously voted to oppose President Trump's ban on transgender people serving in the military. Click here and select agenda item 9 to see Craig speak and the supervisors vote.

Toys, Games, Books, Gifts, Chocolate, Tea, Olive Oil

You canvassed, marched, clicked, wrote letters, phone banked, protested, prayed, watched, listened, tuned in, tuned out, hugged, cried, laughed.... Maybe you just need a few minutes of peaceful music, the sound of a gurgling fountain, a warm smile, a cup of tea and a taste of chocolate... maybe a child's laughter... you'll find all of those at Reach And Teach. 

What's new? Lots! Today we got our first bunch of gorgeous Artifact Puzzles, made from environmentally-friendly plywood, laser cut, soy-based inks, from a teeny tiny company in Menlo Park (talk about local)! You have to touch the pieces to believe the quality and beauty of these puzzles. 

So come in and check these out. Or just say hi.


On days when the store is too quiet we sit and wonder... are we doing the right thing? Are we making a difference? Usually, within minutes of such thoughts, someone comes in the door, someone with a story to tell, someone needing a gift for someone very special in their lives, someone grieving a loss or celebrating something joyous, and they, you, remind us that yes, we are making a difference. 

We'll keep on going then, for somewhere around ten more years now that we have a new lease. Come see us on 25th Avenue real soon! We'll be here, unless we get an urgent call to help one of our neighbors.

Wanna join us? Come by and we'll tell you how.

Retirement? Not quite yet!

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