Together We Make A Difference!

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So Many Ways to Make A Difference!

A kindly pair of nomads travels the country in a van, along with their water-loving dog, and stops by shops like ours to bring us fair-trade treasures they have collected from artisans around the world. We look forward to their once or twice a year visits because we know that they will have products that you will love, and that sales of these products help individuals, families, and communities around the world thrive. 

At Reach And Teach, we see Fair Trade as one of the key ways to empower people to live healthy and sustainable lives, taking advantage of materials that are local, using skills that have been honed for generations, and sharing culture across time and borders.

The chimes in the photo above are fair trade from India. The sounds are beautiful and each time you hear the chimes ring you can know that you've made a difference in the lives of people many miles away.

In this month's newsletter we'll share a few more stories of products that make a difference and we'll let you know about our exhibit at the Home Schooling Conference August 11th and 12th. 


In the last year the folks who create the fair-trade soapstone carvings we get from Kenya have gotten "woke" with the messaging they engrave onto these hearts. One friend of the shop who works with a local non-profit bought "Resist" hearts for everyone on his team. 

There are lots of other hearts with great messages to help you resist, persist, and thrive, plus, of course, you or someone you love might also enjoy some of the wonderful animal carvings we offer including lions, penguins, seals, owls, elephants, hippos, sea turtles, cats and of course dogs!

Solace Mist

Sometimes a product helps the world in a bunch of different ways! Solace Mist sprays help to remove negative energies so that your positive energy can shine through. The essential oil ingredients are fair trade and the family behind the products are among the most loving and caring people in our lives. And, Solace Mist is currently donating all proceeds from sales through our store to RAICES, the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services. RAICES is on the front lines helping to get migrants out of detention and reunited with their families, and then, representing those families seeking asylum in immigration court. 

Plastic Bags & Utensils? NO!

We've been working with the folks at Chico Bags for almost the entire time Reach And Teach has been around! When you check out at our front counter we offer the opportunity to make a difference in the way you shop for produce and how you eat on the run. 

Our new produce bag sets let you shop for three different kinds of produce and store them in reusable bags that are designed to keep each type fresh and safe. All the bags fit into the handy apple holder! This is a great substitute for those plastic bags in the produce aisle or the farmer's market. 

And. for those of you who need to eat on the go, why use plastic utensils when you can use ToGoWare from Chico Bag? Everything you need for lunch on the go including chopsticks and a handy pouch with a clip for easy transport.  

Peace, Salaam, Shalom

"I have a friend who is struggling with a lot of stuff right now and I want to give her something to hold onto that will remind her that things can get better." 

We hear something along those lines in our shop once in a while and among our go-to suggestions are these world peace marbles. Made from recycled glass by artisans in Mount Shasta, with incredibly detailed images of the earth, each with the word peace in different languages, these keepsakes help us feel good about the world each time we see and hold them. 

Come See Us!

Speaking of feeling good about the world, please know that every time someone walks into our shop it makes us feel a little better about the world too! We hope you'll stop by our shop in San Mateo soon. And... if you happen to be around San Jose August 11th and 12th we'll have a giant booth at the Home Schooling Conference at the Double Tree by Hilton. It is a wonderful gathering of folks from all over Northern California and in the many years we've exhibited at the conference we've felt warmly embraced and appreciated for our progressive products. 

Entrance to the exhibit hall is free from 10am to 6pm on Saturday and 10am to 3pm on Sunday. For more information visit the HSC web site.

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