Press Release: Hey Look! There's a story in there! (Reach And Teach's New Location)

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Reach And Teach
Contact: Craig Wiesner


25th Avenue New Home to Reach And Teach, the Peace and Social Justice Learning Store

SAN MATEO, California (June 4, 2013)- The signs taped to the windows at 144 West 25th Avenue ask the question: "What's in there?" Soon, when the craft paper covering those windows comes down the answer will be clear: "There's a story in there!" Not just one story, however, but hundreds of them, all focused on transforming the world through teachable moments. 

Reach And Teach, founded in 2004 and which opened its first brick-and-mortar shop in San Mateo in 2010, has announced that it has moved from its former location at 178 South Blvd. to a new storefront on San Mateo's 25th Avenue, a "jewel of a spot" in the heart of the city. A grand re-opening celebration will take place at 11am on June 22nd 2013.

Owner Derrick Kikuchi said "We've learned so much and have become so wonderfully connected to the people of San Mateo that we were thrilled to be able to find a jewel of a spot on 25th Avenue where more people will get to know us and where we'll be able to expand our offerings of books, fair-trade gifts, toys and games." Nominated for the 2012 Sustainable San Mateo Award, Reach And Teach is San Mateo's only shop dedicated to peacemaking, gender equality, and sustainable living. "As an independent bookstore, we offer customers a more personalized experience than the big box stores or online retailers. While we have a particular niche focused on making the world a better place, we can also get virtually any book a customer might want, usually within 48 hours." Kikuchi added.

The shop offers books, games, music, curriculum, fair-trade gifts, toys, and puzzles for all ages as well as hand-made jewelry, crafts and art from around the world. The new location also provided an opportunity to expand and diversify Reach And Teach's partnerships with organizations working to change the world. "We're excited to add a travel section to our shop, recognizing that one of the keys to understanding people of different cultures is to step out of our comfort zones and experience life in other places." Craig Wiesner, Reach And Teach co-founder said. "Our new travel section is curated by Sandy Dhuyvetter, host of the nationally syndicated programs Travel Talk Radio and Business Travel Radio, and a portion of all sales will benefit Airline Ambassadors, which provides humanitarian aid to children and families in need as well as relief and development to under-privileged communities worldwide." He added. Through their 10/10 Program, other organizations who benefit from sales of products through Reach And Teach include Building for Generations - building schools for disabled children in Peru and Africa, Oakland's Mosaic Project - creating a peaceful future by working with children today, Limitless Horizons IXIL - which creates opportunities for the indigenous youth, women, and families of Chajul, Guatemala to develop the academic and professional skills needed to effect change in their lives and community, and Youth Community Service - developing leadership opportunities for youth in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. 

Another shop partner is Green11, with a "bring your own container" (BYOC) organic hand, dish, laundry soap, and shampoo refill station. "Recycling plastic containers is nice, but reusing them over and over and over again is even better for the planet and your pocketbook." Kikuchi said. The entire shop is a study in reuse, according to co-founder Craig Wiesner. "Our carpeting comes from Habitat for Humanity's ReStore (recycled carpet squares) and most of our furniture and fixtures are recycled or upcycled. Just about everything in our shop, from furnishings to products, has a story behind it and we love to share those stories. One of our most precious mentors taught us a long time ago that the difference between an enemy and a friend, and the shortest distance between two people, is a story, so our shop is all about stories!" 

The shop also serves as a community resource with organizations including Cool Cities (San Mateo Sierra Club), the California Writers Club, the Green Party, and Our Family Coalition (GLBTQ Families) meeting and hosting events there.

Grand Re-Opening: Reach And Teach will host a grand re-opening for the new shop located at 144 West 25th Avenue on Saturday June 22nd 2013 at 11am with live music, poetry, games, door prizes, and snacks from 25th Avenue and around the world. And of course, there will be storytelling!

For more information, contact Craig Wiesner ( or Derrick Kikuchi ( or visit


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