Vote for Reach And Teach to Be Considered for a $250,000 Grant

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Mission: Small BusinessThe team at Reach And Teach is competing for a $250,000 business grant from Chase and Living Social to help us transform the world through teachable moments in a bigger way than we've ever allowed ourselves to dream possible. We need your help! We need 250 votes for our application to be considered. Will you vote for us, ask your friends and family to vote for us, post links on Facebook, tweet... whatever it takes to help us hit 250? 

Please click here to visit the web page where you can log into Facebook and then search for Reach And Teach (yes, you have to search) and then when you find us, vote and share share share share. (NOTE: You will need to vote at the Mission: Small Business website. Just liking this article or link will not count as a vote)

VOTING CLOSED. As of 6/30/2012 11:21PM 355 votes. Thanks to you, WE DID IT!

Below are screen shots of what you have to do to vote:

Step 1: Log in with your Facebook account.

Step 2 - Search for Reach And Teach (Just type Reach and Teach, no need to specify a city or state)

Step 3 - Vote for us

Thank you!!!!

Craig and Derrick and Drew and Toby

Green America approved