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San Mateo's Shop for Unique Products that Transform You And the World. Everything at Reach and Teach is focused on Gender Equality, Sustainable Living, and Peacemaking. We offer books, toys, teacher resources, and fair trade gifts for all ages.

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Yelp Reviews About Reach and Teach

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From Rudy S. 8/20/2012 (5 stars)
This is the best store to be in when you want to find a gift for someone special. Though their focus is educational, children's book, their selection of fair trade jewelry and other products. They also have this amazing  Palestinian Olive oil, Za'atar spice mix, and other related items. If your into premium oils, this is a great destination.

The guys are are super friendly and more than willing to help you find what your looking for. They have tea and chocolate samples. Great place!


From Eric S. 10/14/2010 (5 stars)

If you hanker after peace and social justice, you have got to check this place out. Whether you're an active pacifist or a pacific activist, you will find much here to inspire, educate, and teach (not indoctrinate) children and adults that, in the words of the Roman Philosopher, Seneca, "No one can live a happy life if he turns everything to his own purposes. Live for others if you want to live for yourself." You will find much at Reach and Teach to support you on your journey.

From Vanessa A. 4/26/2010 (5 stars)

Really good stuff for people who like to teach, counsel, or guide (ahem, ahem). I recently started working with at-risk youth which has been a career goal of mine, and I have always wanted to experiment with teaching. My new position gives me the opportunity to do so, and use my own experiences and creativity to plan out what I would like to do, and what kinds of lessons I could introduce to the teens I work with.

Anywho, I was at a Family Service Fair at Cesar Chavez Academy in East Palo Alto representing a program we have for high-school aged students and I came upon the Reach and Teach booth. I stopped at this booth because they had some books out, and some cool looking wood toys. I bought a book for myself on how to implement social action plans or strategies into your teaching, a book written in English and Spanish for my older daughter, and a wooden animal puzzle for my toddler. I wasn't even supposed to be spending money that day, but I am a SUCKER for educational stuff. :) They gave me a free copy of a book they just published as well, I have not read it yet (I just got it this past weekend) but they asked me to tell them what I thought when I was finished.

Which is how I came across the website, and I am glad I did. I had more time to look around and see all that they have to offer. I am placing an order for another book and a poster as I type. I really appreciate the type of message they are trying to put out there by selling these items, I wish more people could see the importance in education as they do.

I also recommend reading the founder's bio, it was very interesting! They do the kind of stuff I dream about doing!

FYI- After reading the bio, I see that the 2 gentlemen who helped me at the fair were also the founders... pretty nice that they go out to events themselves and do their own promoting, instead of sending other people.

Hope they get a home base soon!

From Sara P. 3/23/2010 (5 stars)

Reach and Teach provides Internet-based services to nonprofit organizations through consultation and sales of books, videos and games for kids and adults. Compassion, which often seems to be in short supply today, is their true product. Purchasing items from the Reach and Teach Online Store supports social justice and spiritually  progressive organizations, many based locally in the Bay Area.


Please SHARE and READ reviews about Reach and Teach on Yelp

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