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Reach and Teach introduces civil rights game at ACLU conference

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Youth play CIVIO with game creator, Derrick Kikuchi, at ACLU National Conference

Photo credit:
Susana Millman for the ACLU

For Release 9 a.m. PST
July 2, 2004

Bay Area Company Welcomes ACLU Membership Conference to San Francisco by Introducing CIVIO™, A Civil Rights Game

Defenders of the Constitution get first glimpse of brand new game chronicling America's historic civil liberties issues, laws, Supreme Court cases, and constitutionally protected rights.

Daly City California - July 2, 2004 - Today, Reach And Teach announced that it would introduce a strategy card game called CIVIO on the first day of the ACLU Membership Conference in San Francisco, California (July 6th, 2004). Using a deck of 78 colorfully illustrated cards, players age 13 and above will race to create combinations of issues, laws, Supreme Court decisions, rights, and Constitutional Amendments which have impacted civil liberties in America. "When I watched children playing fantasy card games like YU-GI-OH and MAGIC, I was amazed at how much information they could memorize.


These games involved advances and retreats and combinations of cards that strengthened or weakened the player's abilities. If kids could learn that much about monsters and spells through play, perhaps they might also have fun learning about our civil rights history through a strategy card game. That inspired me to create CIVIO" said game creator Derrick Kikuchi. "Debuting the game while ACLU members are gathering here from across the country is very symbolic for us given how much work the ACLU has done over the years to protect our civil rights in this country. Many of the cases found in the game would never have been brought to the courts if not for the ACLU."

Not Just For AP Students Or Law Students, It Is Just Plain Fun

"While the game requires no prior knowledge of the law or civil rights history, with all the information you need either right on the cards or in the instruction booklet, after playing a few rounds an advanced-placement (AP) civics student, for example, will have an easier time passing the AP exam!" said Craig Wiesner, co-founder of Reach And Teach. "We selected laws and cases that are covered in the AP exam, plus some of the ACLU's top 100 cases for the game's contents." "It's also a great study tool for a law student working on Constitutional Law."

"The game is just plain fun and easy to learn and you don't have to be an AP student or budding lawyer to get a kick out of playing." said one of the game's early reviewers. "After the first few rounds we didn't want to stop!" said another reviewer.

According to Craig Wiesner "This game helps people become better participants in our democracy by showing them the importance of the balance of powers built into the Constitution and the individual's ability to influence each branch of government. While some laws or judicial decisions may have been terrible blows for civil rights, by playing this game one can see how the people of this great nation can turn things around by the way they vote and raise their voices for freedom. Our freedom depends on educated and engaged citizens and CIVIO brings that to life."

CIVIO Availability

CIVIO is available through the Reach And Teach web site and will also be sold through online teacher stores, teaching supply catalogs, peace and social justice organizations, and through selected game stores. List price is $14.95 with quantity discounts available for teachers.

Reach And Teach is a subsidiary of WK Multimedia Network Training, a privately held educational development company founded in 1992 and currently helping non-profit organizations educate and communicate for peace and social justice causes.


The ACLU is not a sponsor of CIVIO and Reach And Teach is not a sponsor of the ACLU Membership Conference. Reach And Teach and CIVIO are registered trademarks in the United States and/or other countries. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

For more information: Craig Wiesner, 415-586-1713,
Web site for CIVIO (includes image for news stories):
For more information about the ACLU:

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