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How to Play CIVIO

There are a variety of ways to play CIVIO - A Civil Rights Game based on the age and gaming experience of the players...

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Solitaire CIVIO

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The solitaire version of CIVIO is a great way to get acquainted with the different cards in the game.

The Object of the Game

You are racing to link all of your cards into either two precedents (a three-card precedent and a four-card precedent), or a single seven-card precedent. (You can learn more about forming precedents from the CIVIO instruction booklet). To win you must accomplish this task before you've used 21 cards. The fewer cards you must use to complete your precedent(s) the higher your score for that round.

Shuffling and Dealing

Shuffle the cards and deal the first 21 cards from the shuffled deck (face down). Put the rest of the deck aside.


Expose one card at a time from the 21 cards and begin trying to build your precedent(s). Keep exposing cards until you either form your precedent(s) or you run out of cards.


CIVIO gurus suggest that you sort your cards by issue categories, case cards, freedoms and amendments. Doing so may help you more quickly form precedents.


After you form a CIVIO, which is either two precedents (a three-card precedent and a four-card precedent) or a single seven-card precedent, score the game as follows. Each point card (cards with a star in the upper right corner) score one point. Unused (face down) cards also score a point.

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