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How to Play CIVIO

There are a variety of ways to play CIVIO - A Civil Rights Game based on the age and gaming experience of the players...

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CIVIO Concentration

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Some pairs of cards in the CIVIO deck have similar images that reinforce the related nature of these cases. In CIVIO Concentration, you get to test your memory skills by trying to match up some of these cards. (Can be played with 1-2 players)

The Object of the Game

Reveal and capture all 10 pairs of matching Case cards. The player who captures the most number of pairs, wins.

Setting Up the Game

Find the following 10 pairs of cards in the CIVIO deck:

  1. Texas v Johnson, US v O'Brien
  2. California v Greenwood, Katz v US
  3. Espionage Act of 1917, Dennis v US
  4. Escobedo v Illinois, Gideon v Wainwright
  5. Zelman v Simmon-Harris, Lemon v Kurtzman
  6. Griswold v Connecticut, Bowers v Hardwick
  7. Regents of the University of California v Bakke, Weber v Kaiser Aluminum
  8. Gregg v Georgia, Furman v Georgia
  9. Shaw v Reno, Baker v Carr
  10. Executive Order 9066, Korematsu v US

Before shuffling these 20 cards, players should look at the cards in order to see how the pairs of cards are visually related to each other. The shuffled cards are arranged face down in 4 rows of 5 columns.


Taking turns, each player reveals any pair of cards. If the two cards match, the player picks up the cards. If the cards do not match, they must be turned over face down. It is now the next player's turn. The game is over after all the cards have been captured.


The strategy is to try and remember where the various cards that have been revealed are located so that you can find the correct pairs during your turn.


Whoever captures the most cards wins.

Green America approved