Feel Good Friday - Dance and Be Free

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Introducing a brand new feature of the Reach And Teach web site: Feel Good Friday! Kermit the Frog would be jumping up and down and waving his frog's legs screaming "Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!" Each Friday we'll bring you something that makes you smile, makes you have faith in the future, makes you laugh, and maybe makes you click your like button and tell your friends.

In today's Feel Good moment we're sharing Brett Dennen and his young buddy Kif singing Dance and Be Free, one of the amazing songs that is part of the Mosaic Project's curriculum (which you can purchase from Reach And Teach, of course).

The Mosaic Project's Musical Curriculum supports students (K-6) in developing the social and emotional competencies that are key to their success in the classroom and beyond. The musical curriculum and accompanying experiential activities teach students vital skills about conflict resolution, social justice, community, diversity, interconnectedness, and peacemaking.

"Teaching about social justice can be very challenging. Students, children and adults alike, may feel fearful and perhaps defensive when learning about issues of difference, prejudice, and social change. Our music helps to create a safe, comfortable, fun environment in which to explore these issues. It also helps us to reach students with varied learning styles in an experiential, emotional, and multi-sensory way."- From Peacing it Together!®'s Foreword by Brett Dennen, Singer/Songwriter and Co-creator of the Mosaic Musical Curriculum

Click here to check out the Mosaic Project page at Reach And Teach.

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