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How to Play CIVIO

There are a variety of ways to play CIVIO - A Civil Rights Game based on the age and gaming experience of the players...

About the game


Playing instructions

Animated quick tutorial (req. Flash)

Other ways to play:

Research the CIVIO cases and laws

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CIVIO - A Civil Rights Game

About the game

Learn more about your civil rights and liberties by playing CIVIO.
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CIVIO - A civil rights game

CIVIO is a strategy card game that explores the relationship of issues, freedoms, laws, and Supreme Court cases that have both strengthened and reduced civil rights and civil liberties. The beautifully illustrated cards also make a useful review tool for landmark Supreme Court decisions.

Looking for that perfect gift for yourself, a teacher, an AP Civics student, someone heading off to law school, a social or political activist, or maybe just someone who loves playing card games? CIVIO makes the perfect gift. Learn more...

Learn how to play CIVIO!

Click here to check out the "Liberty And Justice.... for Whom?" program on the National Radio Project web site.

The Cards
Research the Cases
Get details and interesting trivia about the laws and Supreme Court cases featured in the CIVIO game...

For teachers
The CIVIO Teacher's Pack includes a civics lesson plan and everything you need for your entire class to play CIVIO. Plus, we've got tons of other resources for teacher's available in our CIVIO teacher's section.
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2/23/2011 - President Obama ordered his administration on Wednesday to stop defending the constitutionality of a federal law that bans recognition of gay marriage (ref: SF Chronicle). In a letter by Attorney General Eric Holder, he references Lawrence v. Texas.

1/21/2009 - Supreme Court overturns ban on direct corporate spending on elections (ref: LA Times) Check out Buckley v. Valeo which is one the landmark cases cited in the decision.

5/15/2008 - California Supreme Court OKs same-sex marriage (ref: San Francisco Chronicle) Check out Lawrence vs. Texas to learn about the US Supreme Court ruling that laws prohibiting sex between consenting adults of the same gender are unconstitutional.

5/5/2008 - Mildred Loving, matriarch of interracial marriage, dies at age 68. (ref: San Francisco Chronicle) Check out Loving v. Virginia to learn more about her role in fighting for "the freedom to marry".


Teacher's Packs

Youth play CIVIO with game inventor, Derrick Kikuchi. Photo courtesy ACLU.

CIVIO Teacher's Packs

CIVIO is an interactive and engaging way to enhance your current civics and history curriculum. With a Teacher's Pack it's easy to start using CIVIO today. This game makes a perfect activity for an hour or more of classroom time. Select your Teacher's Pack based on the number of students in your group. Teacher's packs include:

  • Games and "Easy Play" instruction student handouts (one handout per game for 3-4 students)
  • Printed and fully-scripted lesson plan, transparencies, and score sheets
  • A master copy of a CIVIO "Law Diploma" handout where you can record each student's name and rank at the end of play
  • An easy to store and robust plastic portfolio that will fit right on your favorite bookshelf

Learn more...

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