It's Here, It's Queer, It's a Coloring Book!

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Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon
SF Bay Area Publisher Announces New Coloring Book for Kids and Adults
Available Worldwide on National Coming Out Day – October 11th

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Sometimes the SpoonSan Mateo, CA (October 11, 2010):  Reach And Teach, a Bay Area peace and social justice learning company, has released the second in a series of “gender-stereotype-busting” coloring books, entitled Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon with text by Jacinta Bunnell and graphics by Nat Kusinitz. Reach And Teach co-founder Craig Wiesner says “With the historic federal court judge's ruling saying that banning same-gender marriage is unconstitutional, and a likely hearing by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals scheduled soon, we are especially excited that this new coloring book has arrived just in time for October 11th, 2010 which is National Coming Out Day.”

Jacinta Bunnell, in the coloring book’s forward, says “If Mother Goose were alive today, she would have rewritten her nursery rhymes to reflect life as it is lived today. Let us do the job of Mother Goose; let us move forward with more honest representations of ourselves and our children. Consider this book a step in that journey. Today’s culture ridicules sensitive boys, strong girls, and other children who don’t fit into cookie-cutter categories.” Bunnell and Kusinitz decided to take a friendly jab at the ‘Hey Diddle Diddle’ nursery rhyme for this coloring book’s title and throughout they picked images and text that break down some of the stereotypes found in modern pop culture as well as historic children’s stories and nursery rhymes. Learning is always easier when you start with something familiar and use the familiar as a starting point to introduce new, more inclusive, and open ways of looking at the world.


The first in this series was Girls Are Not Chicks. “It has been by far one of our best-selling products.” said Reach And Teach co-founder Derrick Kikuchi. “The title alone stops people in their tracks. Then, when they start leafing through the pages, laughter ensues! We expect the title and cover art for this new coloring book to be even more eye-catching and track-stopping. Too many folks want to keep everyone else organized into neat little boxes. What better day than National Coming Out Day to say that those boxes (and closets) are way too confining?”

Press review copies of Sometimes the Spoon Runs Away With Another Spoon are available now from Reach And Teach (click here to email a request).

Cover and inside images and more details about the coloring book are available at

Click here to purchase a copy! 

About Reach And Teach:


Reach And Teach is a peace and social justice learning company, working to transform the world through teachable moments. Reach And Teach creates and distributes books, games, curriculum, music, DVDs, maps, toys, and fair-trade gifts that promote peacemaking, nonviolence, inclusiveness (GLBTQ/Gender) and healing the planet. Reach And Teach publishes books through its imprint with PM Press. For more information visit


About PM Press:


PM Press was founded in 2007 to create radical and stimulating fiction and non-fiction books, pamphlets, t-shirts, visual and audio materials to entertain, educate, and inspire. In August 2010 PM Press celebrated the release of its 100th title. PM Press titles are distributed worldwide through the Independent Publishers Group (IPG). For more information visit







Reach And Teach Author Honored

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Reach And Teach future author (Spring 2011 - Ivy, Homeless in San Francisco), Summer Brenner, is being honored for her book Richmond Tales: Lost Secrets of the Iron Triangle. What's most interesting about the award, is that it is a Historic Preservation Award, something that usually goes to buildings. But the city of Richmond knows that preservation is about much more than that. "When you think of preservation you think of buildings," said Sandi Genser-Maack of the Richmond Historic Preservation Advisory Committee, "but we don't have many buildings. We have people, we have publications, we have exhibits, which to me is exciting."

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Reach and Teach eNewsletter - 10/27/2010

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It Takes Courage, Examples and Tools to Stand Up

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The news has been full of tragedy lately, stories of children taking their own lives because they were bullied fill our newspapers and TV sets. Part of that tragedy is that in many cases other children and even some adults knew that a child was in serious danger, and did nothing about it. Why are there so many bystanders?

We went to a church service last Sunday where the pastor asked people in the pews to reflect on the last time they did something for someone else. "What inspired you to do what you did?" he asked. He didn't want to hear what people had done, instead wanting to have people in the congregation share what had inspired them to do something. The question that I added in my own reflection was "What allowed or empowered you to stand up and do whatever it was you did?" For this month's newsletter, I wanted to share some great resources that help parents, teachers, organization leaders and children to become upstanders instead of bystanders.

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The Shepherd's Granddaughter - A Very Different View of a Muslim Girl

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Our friends at Rethinking Schools put together a great article about the way children's and young adult literature portrays Muslim girls. The article, "Save the Muslim Girl" demonstrates some very specific ways in which girls living in Islamic societies are stereotyped. Reading that article, though, made me extra pleased that we had recently discovered a book that breaks some of those stereotypes, The Shepherd's Granddaughter.
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Putumayo, Reach And Teach, Putumayo, and other Partners in Peacemaking, including YOU... Support Haiti

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Like people across the planet, the team at Reach And Teach has been heart-broken watching the nightmare that hit the people of Haiti. In addition to contributions Reach And Teach immediately made to several organizations that are now working on the ground in Haiti, Reach And Teach and Putumayo Records is donating 100% of our proceeds from the sale of Caribbean Playground and French Caribbean to continued relief efforts. Putumayo will give their donations to the Red Cross and Reach And Teach will give our donations to the Rainbow World Fund.

Caribbean Playground features diverse music such as zouk from the French Caribbean, soca from Trinidad, reggae from Jamaica, bomba from Puerto Rico and more. International stars Taj Mahal, Desmond Dekker and the Wailers are featured alongside some of the Caribbean's most popular artists such as Kali, Atlantik and Luc Leandry, as well as other exciting new discoveries. Caribbean Playground includes full-color liner notes in English, Spanish and French with song descriptions and cultural information.

Putumayo takes listeners on a musical cruise of the French Caribbean with a selection of fun, upbeat zouk, compas, twoubadou, biguine and more. With French Caribbean, Putumayo revisits the French Creole islands of Haiti, Guadeloupe and Martinique which have been experiencing a roots revival in recent years. The French Caribbean is a place where music is imbedded in the landscape: whether it is compas or zouk blaring out of storefront speakers or the variety of sounds that enliven carnival celebrations and street festivals. Acoustic traditional styles like Haitian twoubadou and Martiniquean biguine have recently earned a place on trendy dance floors alongside flashier zouk and compas.

Click here to purchase Caribbean Playground - Earthquake Relief for Haiti

Click here to purchase French Caribbean - Earthquake Relief for Haiti


The Rainbow World Fund specifically reaches out through the GLBTQ community and its straight friends and allies to coordinate relief efforts and donations for a variety of peacemaking causes, including relief efforts in Haiti. They have had an ongoing involvement in Haiti which preceded the recent earthquake. Click here to learn more about Rainbow World Fund.

Our friends at the National Radio Project have a program about the situation in Haiti from their Making Contact series. Click here to check out that program where you can listen to portions or download the entire podcast.

Reach And Teach will also donate 100% of the purchase price of our "Take One World" poster. With words written by Robert McAfee Brown and art by Khalil Bendib, this poster provides a recipe for world peace that we could all learn to cook. 

Take one world:
A globeful of people, most of whom are victims;
A handful of people passionately committed to justice;
A God overseeing and supervising without usurping total control;
An exemplary human life, in which the globeful of people and the handful of people and the overseeing God are united,
so that the particular human life is uniquely transparent to the divine;
A healthy respect for the past and a healthy skepticism about institutions that have an unhealthy respect for the past;
Human hearts in which anger and love are two sides of the same coin;
A willingness to risk judgments that might be wrong;
And an ultimate optimism combined with a provisional pessimism.
Mix well, and see what happens!

TEACHERS: Teaching for Change has put together terrific resources for teaching about Haiti. Click here to check out their materials and suggestions.

As members of we are connected to a huge number of people and organizations that work on issues of peacemaking, social justice, and emergency relief locally, nationally and internationally. Our friends at just released this message, with links to ways all of our partners in peacemaking can help the people of Haiti right now and for the long term. We're pleased to share this information with you. 

A Letter from

Our hearts go out to the survivors of the devastating earthquake in Haiti last week. There's both immediate disaster recovery to do, along with longer term rebuilding work.

First, if you haven't already, please consider giving to an organization that is doing recovery work right now in Haiti. Our friends and allies at groups like Mercy Corps and Haiti Partners are working on addressing key issues such as clean water and shelter for children. Our allies at Network for Good put together a list of organizations on the ground doing direct relief work today. With one click, you can donate to one, several or all of them.

Second, we'd like to point you to the resources in our online community investing center for ways you can invest your money to help Haiti rebuild over time. As you know, community investment intitutions are in the business of making loans to low-income and underserved populations. Below we point you toward a number of institutions already doing work in Haiti, where they will be poised to make a huge impact on the rebuilding process.

If you've been thinking of "breaking up with your bank," because you're tired of the business-as-usual mega-banks, consider directing some of your dollars toward financial institutions you know will be using your money to help survivors in Haiti to rebuild their lives. (Click here to see how community investment banks helped survivors of Hurricane Katrina rebuild their lives here in the US.)

At our online community investing center, you can search for the investment institution that is right for you by sorting criteria like issue area (health care, education, refugees, etc.), organization type (loan fund, housing developer, venture capital fund, etc.), or geographic impact area (any US state, or any nation). Searching for "Haiti" provides the following list of organizations already doing work on the ground in that nation:

  1. ACCION International – Microfinance
  2. Calvert Social Investment – Loan fund
  3. Catholic Relief Services – Microfinance
  4. Developing World Markets – Bank
  5. Emergency Liquidity Facility – Venture Capital Fund
  6. FINCA International – Microfinance
  7. Fonkoze – Microfinance
  8. Freedom from Hunger – Microfinance
  9. Habitat for Humanity International – Housing developer
  10. Mennonite Economic Development Associates – Venture Capital Fund
  11. Oikocredit – Loan Fund
  12. SERRV International – Social Enterprise


Thanks for investing in communities, at home and around the world,

Alisa Gravitz,
Executive Director,
Green America

Perry v. Schwarzenegger - Marriage Equality and a Whole Lot More

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The team at Reach And Teach has decided to make marriage equality one of the key issues we focus on in 2010. With the launch of the Perry v Schwarzenegger case in the news, we wanted to share a bit about how the findings in this case, which will eventually go to the Supreme Court, may impact civil liberties for a long time to come. We get to our perspective through personal impact, plus through the lens of having created CIVIO, A Civil Rights Game, which chronicles the ups and downs of civil rights through freedoms articulated in the Bill of Rights, key issues of freedom and liberty, laws passed by local and national legislatures, U.S. Constitutional amendments, and historic Supreme Court decisions.

Kristin M. Perry v. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a U.S. District Court case challenging the constitutional validity of California Proposition 8. Proposition 8 (the California Marriage Protection Act) is an amendment to the California State Constitution that outlaws same-sex marriages performed after November 4, 2008. It was adopted as a ballot initiative in 2008. The plaintiffs in Perry seek to have the federal courts strike down Proposition 8 as contrary to the United States Constitution.

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Thank you! Together we've supported these organizations.

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As we reach the end of 2009 we're so grateful for all the people who have made Reach And Teach part of their lives and have helped transform the world through teachable moments.

Each year, Reach And Teach donates a portion of our revenues as well as products to local, national, and international organizations doing great work nearby and around the world. We'd like to introduce you to some of those organizations and say thank you for helping us help them. We encourage you to also check them out and consider supporting them directly as well! Beneath each organization name we've copied information from the organization's web site so that you'll know a bit about them.

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Healthy Foods from Healthy Soils

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One of the greatest joys we have here at Reach And Teach is discovering books and other products that truly deserve wider distribution than they might ever get without a little extra promotion. We discovered the amazing Griscom family gems through a grandmother (Peggy Law, founder of the National Radio Project) who told us we just had to carry her grandchildren's books.

Who would want to eat those apples anyway was published in 1994, before most of us realized the benefits of eating locally grown, organic produce. Apples you'd find in the supermarket all looked "perfect" compared to apples someone might grow in their backyard (or in an organic pesticide-free orchard) which could have a variety of shapes, colors, and perhaps a worm hole or two! Wouldn't you want to eat the perfect apple or would you prefer one that was a bit more "natural?"

Here's how this gem of a book was described back then:

When Laura Griscom was two years old, she became fascinated with the seemingly magical process of growing vegetables. Her questions led us on an interesting exploration. First, a bug problem in her own small garden encouraged her family to visit a commercial farm in search of advice. Then Laura's friendship with a farm worker's child raised questions about the relationship between farming practices and health. Her concern prompted grocery store conversations about what we do or do not support when we spend our money. Soon, Laura's interest evolved into a deep wonderment: Why do so many farmers and consumers make unhealthy choices?

Laura says that when people know the truth, things will change. Maybe she's right. Certainly, incomplete information about the safety of conventional produce leads us to believe unhealthy promotional tactics.  What would happen if the next generation began to find pleasure in the varied shapes and sizes of naturally grown produce?

Perhaps when we DO acknowledge the truth, we'll realize that the inconvenience of cooperating with nature is a small price to pay for healthier children and a safer planet. 

Pretty prescient, don't you think? We're thrilled to have Laura and Pam Griscom's book available in our web store for only $5. It is a wonderful way to introduce children (and adults) to the idea of eating locally grown organic produce.

The illustrations by T. Scot Halpin are wonderful and the story is powerful yet told in a way that is accessible to young and old alike. 

Today, lots of people have joined the "slow food" movement and are enjoying "100 mile meals," where all the items on the menu come from within 100 miles of where they are being consumed. People are also much more concerned about the use of pesticides on their food.

Reach And Teach is excited about this movement towards more sustainable and healthy agriculture and eating and we've got a variety of products that can help you join in. Check out all of our food related products, start planting some of your own food, and enjoy the flavors of our planet.

Eddie's Garden
Eddie's Garden
SKU: 978-1-84507-089-2
Price: $8.95

Good and Cheap
Good and Cheap
SKU: 9780761184997
Price: $16.95

Cool World Cooking
Cool World Cooking
SKU: 978-1-938063-12-1
Price: $15.95

Joelito's Big Decision/La Gran Decision de Joelito
Joelito's Big Decision/La Gran Decision de Joelito
SKU: 9780986240096
Price: $10.00

Picture Cook: See. Make. Eat
Picture Cook: See. Make. Eat
SKU: 978-1-61243-234-2
Price: $18.95

The Vegetarian Myth
The Vegetarian Myth
SKU: 9781604860801
Price: $20.00

Cook Food: A Manualfesto for Easy, Healthy, Local Eating
Cook Food: A Manualfesto for Easy, Healthy, Local Eating
SKU: 9781604860733
Price: $10.00 $8.00

Lickin' The Beaters: Low Fat Vegan Desserts
Lickin' The Beaters: Low Fat Vegan Desserts
SKU: 9781604860047
Price: $10.95

Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook
Forks Over Knives: The Cookbook
SKU: 9781615190614
Price: $18.95

What's in the Garden
What's in the Garden
SKU: 9781584691907
Price: $8.95

Put Em Up
Put Em Up
SKU: 9781603425469
Price: $19.95

Who Did It?
Who Did It?
SKU: 06400
Price: $12.95

Bountiful Earth
Bountiful Earth
SKU: bountiful
Price: $19.95

The Family Kitchen Garden
The Family Kitchen Garden
SKU: 9781604690507
Price: $24.95

The Reach And Teach Experience

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It happens every day. A parent and child will be walking past or walking into the shop and something will catch their eyes. "What's THAT?" We're always happy to show how everything in our shop works, including some of our electronics and motorized K'Nex products. When a kid shows real interest, a parent or grandparent is likely to ask "Do you do workshops with this stuff?" Now, the answer is yes! 

Introducing the Reach And Teach Experience 

During the 2019 Summer break, Reach And Teach is offering an exciting opportunity for youth to have a Reach And Teach tech experience! We're offering two workshops, each one and a half hours long, where kids will learn how to build incredible and fun tech gadgets combining K'Nex and electronics. At the end of each session the participant will walk away with a complete kit with which they can work on dozens of other projects. 

NO technical experience is required. The instructor will provide step by step guidance on each part of the project, teaching about the components and how they fit together to make each project, while also instilling knowledge about how these components can be and are used for countless other devices.  

Rather than simply learning to follow instructions, our intention is to spark creativity with attendees being able to say "Wait... if it can do that, then I could do this other thing if I just......" 

The workshops are led by Derrick Kikuchi, who started tinkering with computers when he was 10 and launched his technology career with Hewlett-Parkard when he was 17. He has worked in technology for over 40 years, including leading one of Silicon Valley's earliest e-Learning companies, WKMN Training. Today his dream is to help young people become creators of technology, rather than simply being consumers.

Reservations and advance payments are required and there will only be THREE youth participants (ages 8 and up) per session. See the links below to sign up for the dates/workshops we've scheduled so far.

Workshop Descriptions

Build And Program K'Nex Android Phone Controlled "Bobble" Car

In this workshop, you will learn how to make a K'nex Bobble Remote Control Car. It is so named because the code you will be using for this project is open source software Reach And Teach developed called "Bobble" which runs on an Arduino (microcomputer) board and responds to easy one letter commands to control one motor, one servo, and one analog input from an attached sensor. 

Participants will learn how to build the car, wire the electronics, program the arduino and control it all using various sensors and from any Android tablet or phone. (Participant must bring his or her own Android device.)

Walkaway Kit Includes:
  • Adafruit mRF52832 Bluefruit LE Board (Arduino w/Bluetooth)
  • K'Nex Motor
  • Breadboard and Wiring
  • K'Nex Parts  

Cost: $135 per youth (parent may observe at no charge). Attendee leaves with $85 worth of components for additional projects.

WHEN: Friday July 26th at 3pm. Click here to reserve a seat.


Build Computer Control Electronic Circuit Kit, TRONX, and Moving K'Nex Model

In this workshop we will combine the Tronex 72+ Science Workshop with a solid state relay chip and the Adafruit Circuit Playground Arduino to build a computer controlled motorized K'Nex machines.

The Adafruit Circuit Playground is an Arduino (microcomputer) with all sorts of sensors, digital and analog inputs and outputs, switches, and colored LEDs. The included RTPLAYGROUND software makes it easy to prototype a number of different type of projects using this board without having to write code.

The Tronex 72+ mega science workshop combines more than 72 exciting educational experiments that teach realistic concepts of electronics and electricity. Kids will interact with light control, magnetic control, sound control, and touch control. Activities include connecting to AM/FM radio, music sound, color filter, LED light, and many more. This kit is smartly designed so that the main circuit board unit has all the relevant electronic components included. All you have to do is simply connect the wires according to the wiring sequence of each experiment and follow the steps one by one.

Walkaway Kit Includes:

  • Tronex 72+ Amazing Science Kit
  • Relay Chip
  • Adafruit Circuit Playground 
  • K'Nex Motor
  • K'Nex Parts 

Cost: $135 per youth (parent may observe for free). Attendee walks away with $85 worth of components which can be used for dozens of additional projects.  

When: Friday August 9th 3pm. Click here to reserve a seat. 

Playing Hooky and Summer News

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We're Playing Hooky from the Store Monday June 3rd to Go to School. Then We're Here for Your Summer Fun! Ready? We Are!
On Monday June 3rd we're speaking at Santa Clara University so the shop will be closed. Harvey Milk's historic call to "come out come out wherever you are" is one we've lived fully and we do believe it has made a difference. These days instead of college students debating why two men (or women) should be able to get married, we're spending more time talking about the joys of marriage in general. Quite a change! We'll be back in the shop on Tuesday June 4th. Speaking of June..... 


Pride, Father's Day, and Summer Vacation

We've got lots of great books, pride flags, bracelets, buttons and bumper stickers  to help celebrate pride! There is a LOT happening in San Mateo during Pride Month. The San Mateo County Fair is hosting its first ever Family Pride Day on Monday June 10th! Click here to check out info on that! Oh yeah.... and Reach And Teach will be there!

Saturday June 15th is San Mateo Pride at Central Park. This year's theme is "Rooted in Resilience." There will be entertainment, great food, art, lots of interesting exhibits, music, all in a very family-friendly atmosphere that will make you smile. Oh yeah, and Reach And Teach will be there with books, Pride bling, posters, and other fun stuff. Click here for more info.

And.... if you're in the mood for laughter, check out the You Betta Work Comedy Fiesta at the San Mateo Pride Center on June 21st! Visit for more information.

June is loaded with opportunities to celebrate. Father's Day (we've got you covered), Graduations (we've got you covered) and VACATIONS (we sure do have you covered).


Cooperative Games & More

We've brought in lots of new games for your Summer fun, including cooperative games like Gnomes at Night and Codenames Duet. For longer play days check out Photosynthesis from Blue Orange!

Jigsaw Puzzles

People really love Artifact Puzzles, laser cut wood jigsaw puzzles with whimsical pieces. Put one of these out on a table for hours of fun! Made right here in the Bay Area, they are beautiful and addictive. 

And what better way to spend a Summer day than reading a good book? We've got lots of great books for all ages. Cinderella Liberator, by the way, is FANTASTIC!! Whether you are into science fiction, graphic novels, historical fiction, activist manifestos, or giant books of puzzles, we've got you covered.
Reach And Teach Experience!
Join us for 1/2 hour to 2 hour sessions starting this Summer.

How about some hands-on Summer fun? In response to lots of requests from parents and kids, starting in July we'll be offering opportunities to learn how to create incredible devices like the robotic vehicle above, combining K'Nex with our electronic kits. Click here to let us know if you are interested.
That's our Summer news! Come see us at the County Fair, at San Mateo Pride, or at our shop in San Mateo! We're so grateful for all of our partners in peacemaking who make the world a little bit better every day. You also make our day!!!

If you'd like to help spread the word about Reach And Teach, please consider doing a Yelp or Google Review. Here's what some nice folks said recently:

"So awesome. love this place, and these people. quality quality quality. sustainably sourced, integrity everywhere!" — Google customer review

"Please support this local shop - it's definitely a gem and something this world needs!" — Yelp customer review

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