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Web Activist Kit

Empowering Partners in Peacemaking:

As part of the process of building Reach And Teach, we were blessed to become partners with a wide variety of non-profit organizations working for peace, social justice, and healing the planet. In addition to working with them to create and distribute learning products for positive change, we've also shared a bit of our own technology with these partners to empower their web communications. The set of tools we've shared with them is called the Web Activist Kit.

Below are some examples of the web sites Design Action has designed which might just give you some good ideas for ways to improve YOUR web communications!

  • The Tuolumne River Trust promotes the stewardship of the Tuolumne River and its tributaries to promote a healthy watershed. We believe their home page is an excellent example of how to create something that is both visually stunning AND easy to keep up to date with a lot of information.
  • has a mission to dramatically improve educational experiences, outcomes, and life options for students and families who have been historically underserved by their schools and districts. Their web site is a key tool for communicating with and equipping their clients, coaches, and partners.
  • The Mary Elizabeth Inn is California's longest-running homeless shelter for women. Their web site reflects both their century of service as well as their ability to engage today's modern issues. Their web site helps them reach out to potential clients, communicate with social service agencies, and engage with potential funders.
  • Our friends at the Network of Spiritual Progressives launched a brand new web site in September 2008! Design Action did a superb job on designing this one, having to balance between the desire to have the home page jam packed with lots of links, while remaining easy to navigate and attractive.
  • The San Jose Peace Center was founded in 1957 by individuals profoundly concerned about peace and justice issues, especially the growth of nuclear arsenals and atmospheric nuclear testing. More than fifty years later, the Peace and Justice Center, along with its affiliated organizations, continues to educate and engage the South Bay community around critical issues of peace and justice, with a current focus on ending the war in Iraq and preventing an attack on Iran. The San Jose Peace Center's leadership team was inspired by the Peninsula Peace and Justice Center's web site and wanted the same capabilities to carry out their mission south of Palo Alto.
  • The Peninsula Peace and Justice Center (PPJC) was one of Reach And Teach's first partners in peacemaking and we continue to work with them on a variety of projects. Their web site, designed in-house at PPJC, is testimony to the power of community organizing.

Design Action provides graphic design and visual communications for progressive, non-profit and social change organizations. By providing these high-quality professional services, they seek to contribute to building a broad and effective progressive movement and participate in the struggle for social justice.

If you like the web sites listed above, check out Design Action!

And.... if you need any printing..... check out our friends at Inkworks Press.

Inkworks formed in 1974 as a worker managed, union printshop. They provide high quality offset printing at affordable prices and offer discounts for peace and social justice organizations. From business cards to books, posters to buttons, with their partners Design Action and New Solidarity, they offer a range of services unmatched in the Bay area. Inkworks is a Certified Green Business in Alameda County and a member of Coop America's business network.


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